Aloe& Pink Grapefruit Gel Cleanser

How do you preserve your natural organic skin care bio cosmetic formulations without the use of parabens?

Most of our natural organic products for skin care do not contain any preservatives and are prepared per order within days of delivery, thus do not require extensive preservation.

We use oils with a long shelf life, and when needed we add natural preservatives such as organic Rosemary Verbenon, Grapeseed extract and Vitamin E. We are actively researching the right combination of natural organic ingredients to extend the shelf life of our products.

We’re located in Sonoma County, CA – a center of organic culture and creative herbalism. Our relationship with nature requires we care for our environment.

Rosemira doesn’t use synthetic preservatives, additives, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes. 

Skincare companies are under no obligation to disclose all ingredients in their products, and many do not. We believe you have the right to know exactly what ingredients are used in the skincare products you are using.


Fresh and citrus-scented, this organic cleanser is pure and gentle. It removes make-up and grime without drying your skin and is the perfect cleanser for all skin types. Designed for All Skin Types.

Benefits: Cleansing, Refreshing, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Septic

How To Use: Use morning and evening. Shake well to mix ingredients and squeeze a dime-sized amount onto wet palms. Apply to damp skin, using gentle circular motion. Rinse with warm water and follow with a Toner, Serum and Moisturizing Cream.


See Me C Repair Serum repairs broken capillaries, is light and Nourishing — wonderful for your face, body and Spirit.

Marula and Pomegranate Seed — potent Antioxidant oils — are combined with the best Anti-Aging essential oils of Frankincense and Rose — known for their powerful skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties. We then add a Citrus Essential Oil Blend for a delightfully scented, fast absorbing serum, rich in the nutrients essential for radiant skin. A great summer serum when you want to hydrate your skin without using heavy oils.

Rich and citrus scented, this cream can be used both day and night. It effectively moisturizes and restores tone, slows down wrinkle formation and helps temper existing ones. It is particularly good for combination and oily skin and those prone to acne, yet is also very nourishing to dry, mature skin. A versatile product loved by women and men alike.

Designed For: All Skin types, including Combination/Oily

Benefits: Moisturizing, Balancing, Restoring, Wrinkle prevention



Elegantly simple, this citrus scented Toner is perfectly formulated for all skin types. Great for sensitive skin. It is a simple, light and refreshing Toner suitable for warm weather.

Designed For: All Skin Types, including Combination, Oily and Sensitive Skin

Benefits: Toning, Balancing, Antibacterial

How To Use: Shake bottle well before use. Apply daily after cleansing. With eyes closed saturate skin with 3-4 sprays. Press gently into face and wait a few moments before applying a serum or moisturizer to slightly damp skin.

Our main ingredients for bio natural organic skin care

We have spent years finding the right natural sources for the varied natural bio ingredients used in our organic products, and since we insist on only the highest quality of bio ingredients to be used in our products line for organic skin care, although a more costly endeavor we choose to purchase different natural ingredients from an extensive list of organic suppliers, distillers and distributors from across the globe.