Meet the Antis: my new face range

Meet my new face range. A mist, oil and mask. BS free skincare for babes that have better things to do than Google ‘emulsifier.’

24 hours of good skin.

A lot can happen in a day, especially to your skin. This is my lovers guide for all babes on how to keep clear, protected and dirty all day long.

I’m a natural oil cleanser that takes your second face off. My combination of coffee, grapeseed oil and BHA acid dissolve dirt, makeup and all your attempts at winged-eyeliner. I start off oily then evolve into a creamy, milky liquid when mixed with water to leave your skin clear, bright and panda-eye free.


As your undies get tangles from every angle possible, you should consider removing your makeup.

Sweat and makeup are kind of like romeo and juliet – they end in tears aka. Breakouts.

Mainly named Paul who likes to appear centre stage of your forehead at the most inconvenient times. That’s why I made my Anti-Makeup Cleansing Oil.A natural oil packed with BHA Acid, coffee seed oil, grapeseed oil and Camellia leaf to get through your layers without harming your face or white towels.

Each oil works to breakdown bacteria, dirt and makeup while hydrating and softening your skin.


Meet Anti-Drama Face Mask, here for pores, not applause. My blend of charcoal, chamomile, honey and lavender removes dirt, impurities and the day’s drama by soothing skin and you. Leave for 15 minutes, rinse and chill. That’s it – it’s a face mask, not your love life.

How to lose the drama with Anti-Drama Face Mask


Made with rose water and aloe, I cool down angry skin, freshen up foundation and give you a reason to spritz anyone who needs to calm TF down. Mist standing, mist sitting, mist dancing… naked.


Calm down your titz. Camellia leaf is here to protect and hydrate that delicate skin of yours with its antioxidant-rich properties, so you can get ready for your next fist fight.



Roses are red, sad babes are blue, a little spritz of this will have your skin feeling brand new. Rose water reduces redness, soothes irritated skin and leaves you soft and as fresh as a daisy (see what I did there?)


A shot of the strong stuff. Will perk up, firm up and soften your skin.

Getting dirty has never felt so good. I’m natural, naughty and ready to make you as soft as a pug in a rug.